We will read your completed manuscript and provide an editorial report. This will cover issues such as plot, characterisation, pacing, dialogue and structure. We'll also advise about commercial viability, and what your next steps should be, making specific industry recommendations where appropriate. A report will be at least 3,000 words, and our fee is £500 for novels up to 90,000 words and an additional £30 for each additional 5,000 words thereafter. 


In addition to the kind of overview report described above, we'll look in detail at all aspects of your novel and go through each page of the manuscript, providing a detailed line edit. £12 per 1,000 words. 


We will provide a detailed report on your query letter, synopsis and the first three chapters of your novel, as well as offering industry advice about your next steps. £200. 


We can offer personalised mentoring at an hourly rate of £100. This service is bespoke for each individual - please contact us for more information. 

‘Helen Francis is the best critical reader and editor of fiction I've ever had the privilege to observe. She can see deeply into a writer's intentions and articulate how to bring those intentions to effective life. Her truthful, sympathetic commentary is always worth having. She brings her wide reading in a range of different fictional genres to bear on books and works productively with writers who are seeking guidance about their first novel, and established authors who welcome the detailed analysis of an  intelligent reader.




Neil Belton, Publisher, Head of Zeus

'Helen has worked with us as both a reader, and as an in-house scout, and she proved to be one of the best readers we have worked with. Her publishing contacts are second-to-none, and I know from writers with whom she has worked, that she always goes to considerable lengths to help them finesse their work.




Louise Allen-Jones, Literary Scout




We can provide assistance with both proposals and full manuscripts. Terms to be arranged on an individual basis.
We are able to offer agenting services to select individuals whose work we think is ready to find a publisher. Please note, however, that this is an additional service for some of our editorial clients, and we do not accept unsolicited submissions. 
We're able to adapt our services to the needs of individuals. Please be in touch with us if none of these options quite fit what you're looking for. 
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